the athlete’s foot

Palm trees, sunsets and HOLLYWOOD..

In October 2018 we went to Los Angeles to shoot a worldwide campaign for TAF also known as The Athlete’s Foot (the well known global retailer of athletic inspired sneakers, clothing and accessories). With over 600 stores across the world they’re one of the biggest retailers in the game.

Together with our friends at SETVEXY and DECA LA we produced this two day shoot resulting in two lookbook films for both Spring and Summer 2019. With a huge crew we hit it off and had a blast.

Special shoutout to The Chosen Few, who brought all of this together.


Client - The Athlete’s Foot

Director - Jordy Huijbregts

DP - Jamy Vodegel

1AC - Nino Kennis

Edit - Jordy Huijbregts


Photography - SETVEXY