Aktiesport - GAME ON

Two years ago since the launch of the new branding of Aktiesport we envisioned that one day we’d create a brand movie about Aktiesport to really set the bar. During earlier several smaller campaigns, we created the look and feel for all the Aktiesport films together with Persuade. 

In March it was time to step up and create and produce the concept for the Aktiesport brandfilm: GAME ON. During a two day shoot (including photography), we created 6 campaigns which all together forms the foundation of the whole brandfilm. The 6 smaller campaigns consisted of all sorts of social edits for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. With over 30 socials edits this was a highly effective production not only creating sales driven content, but also a storytelling film.

Client - Persuade + Aktiesport

Director - Jordy Huijbregts

DP - Steijn Leijzer

Producer - Jamy Vodegel

1AC - Joek Tempelaars

Gaffer - Lightningjesus

Edit - Jordy Huijbregts

Colorgrading - Frans Suijs at Revolve

Sound - Studio Trik Trak